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Churches of Fort Augustus and Glengarry



Latest News Update

Please note following new advice received from the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland offices regarding the spread of the ‘omicron’ variant virus throughout the UK, we regret that refreshments are not possible on church premises until further notice. This includes the Thursday Cafe. As soon as the situation improves and it is safe to do so, church hospitality will reopen. We are watching the situation closely and look forward to welcoming you back to the Cafe! 
12th December, 2021 


All services follow all safety restrictions in place

We wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year and warmly welcome you to our services



Glengarry Church at 10am & Fort Augustus Church at 12pm




at Fort Augustus



Sunday 14th November was a day of crisp, Autumn sunshine and signalled the annual Act of Remembrance for the fallen in two world wars, past conflicts and all those victims of war still suffering around the globe. Members of the community gathered at Fort Augustus War Memorial and Invergarry War Memorial. The Royal British Legion led the procession to Canalside which included members of the armed forces, the police force, and both the fire and ambulance service. Reverend Anthony Jones, F.R.S.A., Parish Minister conducted the service. The poignant 2 minutes silence was followed by the lament which was played by piper Colin Sidley and wreaths were layed by representatives of the services present and the community. 



“And immediately they left their nets and followed him”

General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 2021

This year’s deliverances and reports may be found on the website pages:






You can find details of all forthcoming services by reading this page and also, that of the churches ‘Diary’ website page





Sunday 3rd October, 2021


“Beseech the Lord to send out workers in to his harvest”

Matthew 9. 38




The Great Glen churches’ missionary endeavour is reaching out with two Confirmation and Admission services recently conducted by our Parish Minister, Reverend Anthony Jones on Sunday 3rd October. At Morning Family Worship at 10am at Fort Augustus Church, Miles Jones was confirmed. At Glengarry Church at 12pm, Bill and Philippa Maltby, Brenda Matheson and Justin and Elizabeth Perkins were all confirmed as new members. The services also included a special celebration of Holy Communion. Congratulations to them all on their Confirmation and becoming full members of the Church of Scotland. We pray for them that they might be happy and blessed in the family of the church.




Wedding News




Congratulations to Dr Eoghan Farmer and Dr Mairi Walker whose marriage ceremony took place at Fort Augustus Church on Saturday 2nd October.



Laura Stewart and James Lindsay were married at Glengarry Church on Saturday 20th March. They both had a lovely day. We are pleased to include  a picture of their special day at church. 



Little Kyonn Ferguson was glad to have his mum and dad Ruth and Brian surrounded by all his family and friends on his recent Christening day on Sunday 26th September at Fort Augustus Church. He is pictured here at his baptism and with his parents






Due to the success of the cafe held on Thursday 19th August it has been decided to continue the cafe every week at the Church Hall on Thursdays between 10am and 12pm. The cafe will resume as soon as possible. Due to current restrictions we are watching the situation very closely and expect to reopen soon. Watch this space!

Everyone welcome.

Teas, coffees, cakes and home baking will be available.

In view of keeping safe, the cafe tables will be limited and ‘socially distanced‘. The teas will be brought to your table. When the cafe reopens please let us know if you would like to come along, please let us know your expected time of arrival so, we can fit you in and book your seat. Please wear a mask at all times while moving around the hall. To allow time for others, we request that you try and keep your refreshment time ‘slot’ to ‘half an hour’. There will be a different sales table each week at the door.

Please also let us know if you are coming as a ‘group’ or, who you would like to sit with as we will try our best to sit you together .

Tables are limited to comfortably sit four people.

Contact Cath Fraser (tel: 366309) or email her at –

or, Lorraine Martin (tel: 366650) or email her at –

to be sure to reserve your seat at the cafe.




Sunday 26th September, 2021





Please do visit the Presbytery website for up to date news of what is happening in the area. The site is very informative and provides ‘links’ to on line worship

Latest Covid-19 Lockdown updates from Lochaber Presbytery


Lochaber Presbytery On Line Worship

A shared programme of worship was recorded for Good Friday compiled by the Ministers, OLM’s, Readers and members of Presbytery to bring you the blessings of all our church communities may be viewed ‘on line’at  

 Share it now with your family and friends for inspirational music, discussion, bible teaching and hope for the future!


Thought for the month

Famous Sayings to meditate upon

“The best-laid schemes o’Mice an’ Men

Gang aft agley.”

Robert Burns

Wednesday 26th January is ‘Burns Night’


The Great Glen Churches are currently following all necessary national restrictions. The Minister is receiving daily advice from the Church of Scotland and the Government regarding developments.
Regular ‘restricted’ services are being held and continue on a weekly basis.


Pastoral Care

Please note hospital visiting is unfortunately, not possible under the present restrictions. Please speak to the Minister (tel: 01320 366210) or an elder if there is a special need. There are restrictions in place for home visits. Pastoral phone call discussions can always be arranged at a convenient time. If you are ‘on line’ you can keep in touch by email.



‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord’

On Good Friday 2nd April, the parishioners of Glengarry planted a cross in the grounds of the Parish Church. It remained for the day as a bare symbol to all who passed by – a potent reminder of the death of Jesus Christ. It also  sought to remind us of all those over the course of the past year entered in to suffering, who have suffered or have died as a result of the coronavirus. 

On Easter Saturday, 3rd April and Easter Sunday 4th April,  however, in remembrance of the joyful resurrection of Jesus Christ, it was transformed into a beautiful flower cross. It then stood as a living sign of recovery in to new life, healing and promise for the future. Friends of the church were invited to plant their own flowers in to the frame of the cross while remaining socially distanced. 



Please note – all Sunday services are currently continuing to follow all national restrictions in place.


Details of all forthcoming services will be found here on the church website pages.




Fort Augustus Parish Church

We welcome you to our services

Every Sunday

Sunday Family Service

at 10am

(please note all Sunday services are at the earlier time of 10am from September)

Join us for a service with singing, music, bible readings, contemplative prayer, and  a message  for the season. All future services will follow all the latest restrictions.



Enquiries regarding seating capacity while visiting the church for worship please contact: Cath Fraser –




We welcome you to our services

Every Sunday

Sunday Family Service at 12pm

(please note all services are at the later time of 12pm from September)

Welcome to our church for a shared time in fellowship together. A service following all the latest restrictions. Quiet time for prayer, singing, music and Bible readings and a seasonal message from the Minister.


Enquiries regarding seating capacity while visiting the church for worship please contact: Helen Allen – 




Following the latest announcement from the Scottish Government regarding the ongoing situation concerning the virus ‘Covid-19′, we are being guided by advice’. Regular services are however, now possible and worship has recommenced every Sunday. Funeral services are also possible but, sadly are restricted in number having regard to building capacity. Weddings with social restrictions are still possible and thirty people are now currently permitted at a marriage service in the Great Glen Churches.

Please note all current Covid-19 restrictions at ‘Tier 0’ for the lock down under national restrictions introduced in Scotland apply. The Church is open, as advised, for restricted numbers at Sunday services. The situation is being carefully monitored and, for our safety is under constant review.

If you have any queries about seating capacity please contact Helen Allen – helenallen@glengarry


The Great Glen Churches of Fort Augustus and Glengarry are open again for Sunday morning services of worship. We do hope you will join us as we gather together to give thanks and share Bible teaching, music, prayers and sing (with masks)

My prayers and best wishes to you all,

Rev Anthony Jones (Parish Minister)


As permission has been received from Presbytery to reopen outside lock down times, we look forward to meeting you again in the Great Glen churches. Further information regarding anticipated restricted services following all the current guidance may be found when available in the ‘Diary’ of our website pages.




During times of national lock down in the present pandemic, the Great Glen Churches are operating ‘post church’. This means that if you are ‘on line’ as a member or adherent you will automatically receive regular newsletters from the Parish Minister. This can include a pastoral message and prayer resources. Most importantly you can be kept abreast of all the latest news regarding anticipated services at the churches. All services follow all restrictions. If you have not received a copy of the ‘Minister’s Newsletter’ on line and you would like your email to be added to the regular circular list please send a message to Reverend Anthony who will be pleased to add your details at If you are not on line and would like a ‘hard’ copy posted through your door this also can be arranged.

Please contact the Session Clerk if you would like the elders to post you a ‘hard’ copy, Cath Fraser (Fort Augustus) or, Sonia Robbins (Glengarry) 







A Notice outside our Church to the Community


“Spirit of God come dwell within me,

open my heart O, Come set me free”


The Moderator of the General Assembly, the Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair has sent a mailing to all Presbytery Clerks, Ministers , OLM’s and Readers recommending that everyone within the Church of Scotland considers finding out more about ‘try praying’. I encourage you to read the materials and use the resources on the ‘try praying‘ website. The information provided by ‘try praying’ recommends a seven day approach with material to help aid you. A structure is always helpful to our prayer life (otherwise it is apt to stray away and life passes us by) In these times of pandemic fraught with worry, anxiety, stress, distraction and misdirection. There are very few organisations committed to upholding the nation’s prayer life. I would urge you to ‘click’ on the site. As the Moderator states, I hope that ‘it may be a blessing to the whole church at this time’.

Rev Anthony Jones 




If you have booked a wedding at the beautiful churches of Fort Augustus or Glengarry for 2020, don’t worry the Minister will be happy to plan forward and discuss your date. 2021 is now ‘opening up’ and that is  good news for everyone. You may have been thinking about marrying later in the year. Weddings are already being booked in the church diary for 2021. We invite you to consider planning your marriage and to  sharing your big day together with us in 2021. Please do contact the Minister to arrange a suitable time for your special day. Stay safe!

Contact: Rev Anthony Jones

tel: 01320 366210






During this time of prolonged isolation for so many of us, it is so important to keep in touch with each other. The Church cares for every one of its members, adherents and friends in the community. A number of local based help groups have arisen and are active in the community seeking to give you support and help with day to day things like shopping from the local shops, collecting prescriptions, dropping off meals, etc.

Among the things we will be doing as a Church is maintaining ongoing contact. While ongoing restrictions make it difficult for the Minister to visit, he will be keeping a weekly ‘phone chain’. He may call you at random to see how you are doing and to have a wee blether. An invitation is also extended to keep in touch with him by email. If you are in need of any special help or, in an emergency, you can also ring the Manse or may send an email if, you wish to make an arrangement for him to phone you at a specific time. The Minister and the elders are casting the net wide to strengthen this chain of communication. We are here to listen and to help you at this time. Obviously, we are taking all necessary precautions to protect each other and to keep safe but, no one need feel isolated. We seek to uphold each other in our thoughts and prayers and by vital communication.


Rev Anthony Jones tel: 01320 366210




Christmas in the Great Glen

Untitled Untitled 1

 for details of all the New Year services ‘click’ on the Diary page of the churches website




Could 2021 be THE year for YOU?

Maybe you are attending church but have never quite made the big step or perhaps you feel yourself on the edge of the local church and seriously would like to consider being a member……




 Confirmation 2021

The Minister is now inviting new communicants to join in  becoming church members at Fort Augustus and Glengarry.

Please contact him (tel: 01320 366210) or simply email at  or, speak to the Session Clerk or any elder at church if, you feel you would like to take this important step in your life of faith when our normal church services resume in 2020.


Recent Pictures 




3rd & 4th JULY, 2019 

Mad Hatter's Presentation Kilchuimen Schools 2019

Pictured is Rev Jones making the presentation at the School Prizegiving Ceremony to Ms Maria Frances Gibbons (Headteacher: Kilchuimen Academy) & Mrs Yvonne Walker (Headteacher: Kilchuimen Primary School)





(for a fuller gallery of the ‘Heroes’ Holiday Club see the slideshow on

the  ‘Great Glen Churches News’ page)



“Praying always”

All churches are spaces for prayer. Fort Augustus Church is developing a new ‘prayer space’ set apart. As you enter the door of the Church building to your left, there is a comfortable seated area for quiet personal reflection at any time during the day. Petitions for specific prayer may be left in the prayer box provided or may be left on the table. A short service is held on the first Thursday of every month at 11.30am to which you are also warmly invited. Please do come along. We are praying for you.

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire”

During normal times (outside ‘lock down’ restrictions) the Great Glen churches welcome you and are open for worship every Sunday morning and Tomdoun monthly. Fort Augustus church is open during the day all year round to visitors. Week day morning service is held on the second Thursday of every month at 11.30am. Glengarry church is open daily during the Summer months. Please remember that the churches of the Great Glen are beautiful churches and are very special places of prayer cherished by the local communities and by all who come here from all over the world. Do come and experience for yourself the unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility that are to be found here at Fort Augustus and Glengarry churches. You may wish to spend some time quietly or offer a private prayer. At Fort Augustus there is a place set aside for private reflection in the ‘prayer corner’. There is also a prayer box for you to place any special petitions you may have into at the back of the church. Take time also to sign the visitors book in the churches before you leave.

Church Services

Service times alternate between both congregations and change every 4 months:

January – April 2019 Fort Augustus (10 am) Invergarry (12 noon)

May – August 2019 Fort Augustus (12 noon) Invergarry (10am)

September – December 2019 Fort Augustus (10am) Invergarry (12 noon)

Service at Tomdoun: second Sunday of each month at 3pm

Monthly week day service – short service of reflection Fort Augustus (1st Thursday at 11.30am)

Ecumenical Services

World Day of Prayer (First Friday in March)

Ecumenical ‘Songs of Praise’ on 1st December, Fort Augustus Parish Church at 7pm (Advent Sunday)

Songs of Praise on the occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ( January 18-25)

Worship Team

Worship is led by Rev Anthony Jones supported by Mrs Sonia Robbins (Congregational Worship Leader), Mr Cameron Donnelly (Congregational Worship Leader) and Ms Kathryn Sharples (Congregational Worship Leader).

If you would like to read on a Sunday, please get in touch. We are always looking for new volunteers.

Immanuel Kant, German Philosopher