A warm welcome awaits you at the

Churches of Fort Augustus and Glengarry


‘God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoso believeth in in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.’  John 3.16

Dear Friends,

At this time of unprecedented restriction to our normal church activity, we are all keen to keep in touch either by phone or virtually by email or in other ways. There is one supreme way however that beats all our modern forms of technology, one which has never been closed or ‘locked down’ and one we are never without, come high wind or weather. This route of communication has never been blocked by any power in the world. Men and women throughout the centuries, all over the world have called upon it for strength and protection in times of danger. Through this channel of communication we are connected to the greatest power of all, This coming Sunday in our churches we would have been remembering the cross of Christ as, Sunday 29th March is ‘Passion Sunday‘. At this time in our calendar, we recall the sorrow, pain and suffering of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as, he faced the way to the cross. Even he in his hour of greatest turmoil and abandonment prayed to his Father in heaven to take suffering away from him. Christ did not want to suffer. He wanted, if it were possible, to get away from the immense suffering he knew he must face. If Christ had not gone through with the Passion, the mission of God to save the whole world would have been lost. Consequently, the promise of eternal life made possible to the whole human race would not have been possible.

As we in our church communities think about Christ this week in his time of great suffering, we also pray for each other and our brothers and sisters throughout the world. We pray for those whose faces we cannot see, the unknown, families facing the unexpected loss of loved ones, those experiencing only death and despair and those caring for them, that all might be kept safe and, released from the grip of this current world wide viral pandemic.

May all those who are ill or grieving know real healing and peace. Remember God has provided a really powerful line of communication for us. We must close our eyes and be assured we can talk to him, know his presence and remember each other in our prayers.

God bless and keep you safe this day

Reverend Anthony Jones

(Parish Minister: Fort Augustus & Glengarry Churches)


If you have booked a wedding at the beautiful churches of Fort Augustus or Glengarry for 2020, don’t worry the Minister will be happy to plan forward and discuss another date. Although we cannot plan definite dates this year, we hope 2021 will bring good news for everyone. You may have been thinking about marrying later in the year. We invite you to consider planning your marriage and to  sharing your big day together with us in 2021. Please do contact the Minister to arrange a time for your special day. Stay safe!

Contact: Rev Anthony Jones

tel: 01320 366210




Prayer is a very powerful form of communication and can release us from all kinds of situations. Prayer can bring healing. Prayer can bring peace. If we pray believing in God, the giver of all good things we can be assured prayers can be answered. We remember everyone in prayer at this time. If you have a loved on you would like remembered by name, please let us know. We are hoping, if there is sufficient feed back, to start a parish ‘Prayer Chain’ on this site. Names of people needing particular prayer may (with their permission) be listed on ‘the web chain’. Please call or email the Minister so, their names may be added to the weekly ‘chain’.

Please call or send details to:

Rev Anthony Jones  (tel: 01320 366210)


An up to date news and picture gallery will soon appear here of all our recent and ongoing Church work and events in the community.

Daily Prayer Time

We invite you wherever you are, whatever you are doing to stop and set aside a daily time for prayer for as long or as little as you are able. The power of prayer is the most powerful freely available power in the world. All you simply need to do is close your eyes and think or keep in your mind at that time our families, our friends and the people who need praying for right now. Each day prayers will be said and, you are invited to join together at the suggested time of 3pm but, it is whatever time suits you best. Perhaps, if we share this prayer time in our homes with those we love or, even over the phone with another person. The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ could close the time together. We can all ‘distance pray‘.



Subsequent to my last message, it is with great sadness that I have to report that as of today, Tuesday 23rd March, the Church of Scotland is officially closing all its buildings to the public. As soon as we have any news of the doors being re-opened you will be the first to hear. The buildings at Fort Augustus, Glengarry and Tomdoun may only be accessed in an emergency safely with permission by one person and to do essential work. We would never have envisaged a time in this country in our life times when we could have thought this could ever happen. The invisible church of God’s true saints however continues to work wherever it can in the community. We must continue to minister to each other where we can until that time we meet our friends again together in happy fellowship.

Rev Anthony Jones

(Parish Minister)



 ‘Keep the Faith and Keep Safe’

The Great Glen Churches of Fort Augustus and Glengarry take very seriously the current threat posed by the corona virus – COVID-19. We also place our faith strongly in God. In line with the advice being given – the Church of Scotland, we are very saddened to report, has suspended all services of regular worship as of Wednesday 18th March, 2020. . This decision was not taken lightly but, we need to take all special precautions to keep each other safe. Social distancing is not something that comes easily or naturally for many of us. Your Minister and Elders are taking particular care. The work of our churches continues and we are anxious to support you wherever we can without risk to each other. Above all else when we enter the Church, we are entering a sanctuary of prayer, calm and peace. A place where you can feel happy and safe in the knowledge we are part of the worldwide Christian family of faith. The church buildings will remain open during day light hours at Fort Augustus and in Summertime at Glengarry for private prayer.

The meeting of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for 2020 at Edinburgh has also had to be cancelled due to the threat posed by corona virus. Urgent matters of national business will be dealt with by the Council of Assembly.

We continue the work of engaging safely where possible both pastorally and virtually via the internet. This is difficult news for us but, we are now legally and morally obliged to obey the law and follow the advice we have been given for our own health and well being.

My prayers are with you for your safety as we seek to continue the Christian work of the Church in our communities in these dark days for our nation.

Revd Anthony Jones

(Parish Minister)

More things are wrought by prayer than this world ever dreamed of

Alfred Lord Tennyson



During this time of prolonged isolation for so many of us, it is so important to keep in touch with each other. The Church cares for every one of its members, adherents and friends in the community. A number of local based help groups have arisen and are active in the community seeking to give you support and help with day to day things like shopping from the local shops, collecting prescriptions, dropping off meals, etc.

Among the things we will be doing as a Church is maintaining ongoing contact. Our Minister will be keeping a weekly ‘phone chain’. He may call you at random to see how you are doing and to have a wee blether. An invitation is also extended to keep in touch with him by email. If are in need of any special help or, in an emergency you can ring the Manse or send an email if, you wish to make an arrangement for him to phone you at a specific time. We are casting the net wide to strengthen this chain of communication. We are here to listen and to help you at this time. Obviously, we are taking all necessary precautions to protect each other and to keep safe but, no one need feel isolated. We seek to uphold each other in our thoughts and prayers and by vital communication.


Rev Anthony Jones tel: 01320 366210  




Although our services for Holy Week and Easter have had to be cancelled due to the national crisis surrounding the virus known as ‘Covid-19’, we continue to uphold each other in our thoughts.

We are praying for each other at this special time. We reflect on Christ’s own struggle and his suffering and Passion. We rejoice at the earth shattering news of his resurrection that first Easter morning. 

May you know his Easter gifts of peace and joy.

Reverend Anthony Jones



Easter Day 12th April

Confirmation services to be rescheduled to a later date to be confirmed.




Presentation to Maria Francis Gibbons


Ms Gibbons spoke warmly about her time as the Headteacher at Kilchuimen Academy in her final farewell assembly address to the school at the annual Christmas service and Prizegiving at Fort Augustus Parish Church of Scotland on Friday 20th December, 2019. Thanking both teaching staff and pupils for the team work and support through an exciting time of challenge and accomplishment. Rev Jones gave personal thanks in his prayers for Ms Gibbons years as Headteacher and thanks were expressed by Susan Knott on behalf of the school Pictured making the presentation to Ms Gibbons are house captains Miles Jones and Jade Anderson.




Christmas in the Great Glen


Untitled Untitled 1

 for details of all the New Year services ‘click’ on the Diary page of the churches website


Could 2020 be THE year for YOU?

Maybe you are attending church but have never quite made the big step or perhaps you feel yourself on the edge of the local church and seriously would like to consider being a member……

Confirmation 2020

The Minister is now inviting new communicants to join in  becoming church members at Fort Augustus and Glengarry.

Please contact him (tel: 01320 366210) or simply email at or, speak to the Session Clerk or any elder at church if, you feel you would like to take this important step in your life of faith in 2020.






Recent Pictures 









3rd & 4th JULY 

Mad Hatter's Presentation Kilchuimen Schools 2019


Pictured is Rev Jones making the presentation at the School Prizegiving Ceremony to Ms Maria Frances Gibbons (Headteacher: Kilchuimen Academy) & Mrs Yvonne Walker (Headteacher: Kilchuimen Primary School)





(for a fuller gallery of the ‘Heroes’ Holiday Club see the slideshow on

the  ‘Great Glen Churches News’ page)





“Praying always”

All churches are spaces for prayer. Fort Augustus Church is developing a new ‘prayer space’ set apart. As you enter the door of the Church building to your left, there is a comfortable seated area for quiet personal reflection at any time during the day. Petitions for specific prayer may be left in the prayer box provided or may be left on the table. A short service is held on the first Thursday of every month at 11.30am to which you are also warmly invited. Please do come along. We are praying for you.

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire”



The Great Glen churches welcome you and are open for worship every Sunday morning and Tomdoun monthly. Fort Augustus church is open during the day all year round to visitors. Week day morning service is held on the second Thursday of every month at 11.30am. Glengarry church is open daily during the Summer months. Please remember that the churches of the Great Glen are beautiful churches and are very special places of prayer cherished by the local communities and by all who come here from all over the world. Do come and experience for yourself the unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility that are to be found here at Fort Augustus and Glengarry churches. You may wish to spend some time quietly or offer a private prayer. At Fort Augustus there is a place set aside for private reflection in the ‘prayer corner’. There is also a prayer box for you to place any special petitions you may have into at the back of the church. Take time also to sign the visitors book in the churches before you leave.


Church Services

Service times alternate between both congregations and change every 4 months:

January – April 2019 Fort Augustus (10 am) Invergarry (12 noon)

May – August 2019 Fort Augustus (12 noon) Invergarry (10am)

September – December 2019 Fort Augustus (10am) Invergarry (12 noon)

Service at Tomdoun: second Sunday of each month at 3pm

Monthly week day service – short service of reflection Fort Augustus (1st Thursday at 11.30am)

Ecumenical Services

World Day of Prayer (First Friday in March)

Ecumenical ‘Songs of Praise’ on 1st December, Fort Augustus Parish Church at 7pm (Advent Sunday)

Songs of Praise on the occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ( January 18-25)

Worship Team

Worship is led by Rev Anthony Jones supported by Mrs Sonia Robbins (Congregational Worship Leader), Mr Cameron Donnelly (Congregational Worship Leader) and Ms Kathryn Sharples (Congregational Worship Leader).

If you would like to read on a Sunday, please get in touch. We are always looking for new volunteers.