Baptisms,  Weddings & Funerals


Baptism of Poppy-Rose Slater 3 June 2018

Has there been a new member of your family? That’s exciting! Please get in touch if you are interested in: A baptism, childrens’ activities or support as a parent.
The meaning of baptism: A sign of grace and a great promise.

At baptism the love of God is received unconditionally. In response to this unconditional gift the one who is baptised, or their parents, and the congregation make a promise: “We will nurture one another in faith, uphold one another in prayer, encourage one another in service.”

Don’t be surprised if you are reminded of this promise. Also, don’t be surprised when the congregation is approaching you to support you in keeping your promise. Please surprise us by telling us what we can do for you.

Congratulations to Callum Fraser and Fiona MacCheachan who are to be married at Glengarry Parish Church on Saturday 16th September


Getting married in Fort Augustus
Getting married in Fort Augustus 

Steps to consider in your preparations are: At least one meeting with the minister. What music and texts (biblical, poems, vow) you would like to use.

The congregations would appreciate it greatly if you could come to Sunday morning worship and introduce yourself to them.

If you are planning your wedding please get in touch with the minister as soon as possible.



Please get in touch with the minister. He is available for you at any time and will make time to be at your side according to your needs. You can ask for a funeral and also for pastoral care.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for a prayer, just listening, a blessing, or whatever you feel that you need.When arranging a funeral we will meet and discuss: Hymns/ music and how to make the funeral of your loved one as personal as possible.

When you ask for a funeral in the church you can expect the minister to mention the resurrection sensitively. It is a fundamental Christian belief that life comes after death although we do not know extactly how this is to happen. But we trust in God’s grace, which is greater than we can imagine.